990 (Beijing) International Trade Co.,Ltd

About Us
990 (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd mainly engaged in the sale of 990 brand vinegar products. 990 products have a certain share and popularity in the Chinese and the international market. There are four kinds of products: seasoning vinegar series,Website:http://www.990vinegar.com, health vinegar series, functional vinegar drinks series and external health vinegar series. Our production company named Luoyang 990 vinegar industry health care products Co., Ltd., founded in 1990 in Henan Province, and has been committed to 990 vinegar series. About the R & D and production of our product, health vinegar series have four patents allowed by China, one of its patent technology L-AA has been recognized by 87 countries and regions, and received a number of awards in the food and health products industry. Over the years we work together in R & D, production and sales, and provide consumers with more secure and healthy 990 products.
Products and services
Healthy vinegar/ Food vinegar/ Hot vinegar/ Honey vinegar/ Apple cider vinegar/ Mulmerry vinegar/ Raw vinegar/ Aged vinegar/ Gift vinegar/ Balsamic vinegar/ Herbal vinegar/ Drink vinegar